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5 Characteristics of Bosses People Gladly Work for

We’ve all had that boss that made our lives a living nightmare. Horrible bosses have a way of happening to practically everyone at one point or another in their life. However, just as a room of people can share horror stories of evil bosses of times past, the same group of people can recall when they had that one boss; the one that ruined them for all other bosses thereafter and set the benchmark for the type of decent human being they forever after hope to work for. This article discusses the 5 characteristics that come together to create that seemingly magical blend of traits of a leader people happily dedicate 40+ hours a week to.

Characteristic 1: Decisiveness
Why this trait matters: When a boss lacks decisiveness, assignments take longer to complete. Plus, when things don’t get done oftentimes the “blame game” rears its ugly head and innocent workers are blamed for the incompetence of others.

Characteristic 2: Team Player
Why this trait matters: There are few positions in the working world where employees can get much done on their own. This type of boss knows how to organize and distribute work amongst his team members and is a great preventer of burn out amongst his workers.

Characteristic 3: Humility
Why this trait matters: Bosses who lack this characteristic are often the worst to work for. Leaders lacking humility often won’t admit when they’re wrong; continuing to adhere to ineffective methods simply because they see change as a weakness. However, great leaders are often great because they openly acknowledge that there is a lot that they can still stand to learn and they don’t shy away from asking their subordinates for help when necessary.

Characteristic 4: Wisdom
Why this trait matters: While it’s great when a leader is decisive, a team player, and humble, none of that matters if she isn’t wise enough to know what constitutes a good decision.

Characteristic 5: Fairness
Why this trait matters: When a boss is fair, he does his best to hold his employees to realistic expectations. A leader lacking this trait is too harsh when an employee is unable to deliver the world on a silver platter. If a boss is fair, he’ll be empathetic with all of his employees and take the time to consider the feasibility of his demands on his workers and redistribute the workload as necessary.

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