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Always Running Late? 3 Tips to Help You Be on Time

Tip #1: Get enough sleep.

Do you often find yourself hitting the snooze button in the morning to try to get those few extra minutes of shut eye in? Feeling tired and dragging your feet at work can really put a damper on your day and can sometimes start your day off in a downward spiral. Do yourself a favor and make the time in your schedule to get adequate sleep.

Tip #2: Wake up a little earlier and give yourself some time to wake up and not feel so rushed. 

Are you often finding yourself running late because of morning traffic?  Sometimes traffic accidents happen that aren’t your fault, but you can nevertheless plan ahead. Instead of counting on your morning commute to be perfectly uninterrupted every morning, why not give yourself twenty minutes to get to work instead of just ten (for example)? Why not even go so far as to have time to sit down and drink a cup of coffee and wake up in the morning so that your day can begin at ease?

Tip #3: Get organized.

When walking out the door most people have a little check list in their head of what they need before they walk out the door and venture to work.  Do you ever find yourself scrambling to find your keys or your sunglasses?  Do you often feel disorganized in the morning and wish you could send out a search party to find your belongings?  When you’re in a hurry it can be hard to remember everything you need.  Find a place that is stationary that  you can ALWAYS place your things in when you walk through the door.  Doing this will help eliminate some of your forgetfulness–no search parties needed.

Sometimes things happen that we can’t prevent no matter how far we plan ahead, but on most days we can have these small things in place that can help lower stress levels and help you start your day off in a more stress-free way. How does staying on time help your productivity?

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