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Big News! Crexendo Introduces Their Touch Screen Phone


Crexendo has unveiled a new touch screen phone this summer. As you can see it has a stylish professional look and intuitive interface. Even with the impressive 7” touch screen display this phones intelligent design keeps your desktop real estate usage to a small roar.

The screen supports an amazing 29 buttons that you can program to access features quick and easy. Business’s will love the intelligent search feature in finding someone’s number, within their entire organization, without a hassle.

While the capability of this phone is huge, it is surprisingly easy to do the normal make-a-call, get-a-call and retrieving voicemail .

The Crexendo Touch Screen phone is definitely a head turner. With that said… Crexendo has not slacked on function. You can expect the same robust business features, and more, that has differentiated Crexendo over it’s competitors for years now.

See features here: Crexendo Business Features

Technically this phone is a dynamo!

Items like HD Audio, Dual-port Gigabit Ethernet, USB Headset support and NAT transverse make this a go anywhere powerful business communications device. Using SIP over Transport Layer Security makes it safe as well.

All in all Crexendo has taken their Cloud Communications “game” to an all new level. If you’re in the market for a new Hosted VoIP business phone services solution you should really take a minute and contact Crexendo.

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