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Innovation in the Call Center Space

Crexendo offers an integrated call center product that changes the way customers view call center solutions.  Typically in the marketplace, call center products are offered as an add-on with premium prices ranging up to $30-$150 monthly per user. Crexendo’s call center solution innovates in the space where companies find themselves…


Quality of Service (QoS) Success!

QoS is important to a Hosted VoIP Business Phone System. Here is a simple breakdown of how QoS works.

Cloud hand

Cloud Communications – Business Reliable and Safe

Cloud communications is here to stay. But is it ready for business use and more importantly for you?

cloud business

How Cloud Telecommunications Can Help your Business

How has Cloud Telecommunications helped your business save money & increase efficiency?


The 5 Telephony Features Your Call Center Can’t Do Without

According to a new report by Global Industry Analysts, the global call center market is projected to grow to an estimated $337.8 billion industry by 2013 . To become a key player in call center innovation and to provide superior levels of call center service, it is crucial that your…


Ethical Telecom Billing Options Explained

So you’ve done your research on the benefits of switching to hosted telecom. You’ve read the articles, talked to multiple professionals, and you’re ready to sign on the dotted line—as soon as you figure out which telecom company isn’t trying to back you up into an unfair deal. Perhaps you’ve…