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Innovation in the Call Center Space

Crexendo offers an integrated call center product that changes the way customers view call center solutions.  Typically in the marketplace, call center products are offered as an add-on with premium prices ranging up to $30-$150 monthly per user. Crexendo’s call center solution innovates in the space where companies find themselves…

Internet of Things

Are You Ready for the Internet of Things – Internet of Everything?

A technological revolution that will effect all of us in a big way. How do you see the Internet of Everything affecting your personal life and business?

business spend

Cloud – What Questions Should You Be Asking?

Buyer beware before you invest your company in the cloud.


Understanding the Difference Between Saas & On-Premise ERP

As an executive one of the most important services you’ll have to make decisions about has to do with whether to use traditional on-premise ERP software services or whether to go with the newer form of acquiring software known as Saas. Both forms of services are great and necessary for…