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Innovation in the Call Center Space

Crexendo offers an integrated call center product that changes the way customers view call center solutions.  Typically in the marketplace, call center products are offered as an add-on with premium prices ranging up to $30-$150 monthly per user. Crexendo’s call center solution innovates in the space where companies find themselves…

Better Sleep

3 Simple Ways to Get Better Sleep During the Holiday Season

What are you doing this holiday season to get better sleep?

office communications

How Do You Communicate in the Workplace?

How is your communication skills? Is your workplace an open communications hub?

successful man jumping

Top 5 Key Habits to Become Successful

Five things that people do that make them successful.


Stressed at Work? 4 Ways to Better Cope with Stress in the Workplace

Stress in the workplace is inevitable. Even for those of us who have professions that we love, we find ourselves constantly involved in never ending piles of work. Plus, if our stress doesn’t exactly derive directly from our jobs, we still have whole lives outside of the workplace that ensure…