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E-Rate Process, Hosted Phone Services and FCC Changes


SPECIAL NOTE: The FCC Board of Commissioners has made major changes to the E-Rate program this year and for years to come. The board’s changes mean that there will be more funding for broadband, WiFi, and Internet services and less funding for wireless phones, email, web pages, and voice services. The phase-out will take 20 percent per year off your normal discount percentage until it reaches zero.

Don’t fret we have a plan. The time is now.

Contact Crexendo immediately @ (602) 714-8500 for the latest details on these sweeping changes and how we can help you to not only continue to get your needed communications equipment but possibly help you out of your current dilemma. Mingus Union High School District is a great example of how effective our process is.

The E-Rate Process

Schools rely on technology to prepare their students for the future. Unfortunately technology doesn’t come without a steep price. To make matters worse school budgets are already strained. This is exactly where E-Rate funds (2.3 billion dollars’ worth) can help.

The E-Rate process can be a little confusing to say the least. Working with a company that understands the process, while they can’t do the paperwork for you, can help in making sure their offering complies. Not all companies get this and can make the process long and tedious with a real possibility of not getting funded.

Why Work with Crexendo?

Crexendo is fast becoming a leader in the education market. This should not come as a surprise to anyone who knows our CEO. Supporting education is not new to Steve Mihaylo. Steve has actively supported education throughout his successful career. Check out the link below… It really is quite amazing!

Mihaylo College of Business Economics
California State University, Fullerton


Crexendo is not only committed to education but committed to the E-Rate program. With our in-house expertise and a specialized E-Rate consultant we stay on top of the latest changes and procedures. That translates into a smoother successful process for you.

We are Credible.

Crexendo is a publicly held company with CLEC status. We’re the manufacturer of our product. Crexendo’s not at the mercy of someone else’s development ideas and time frames. We offer full resiliency and redundancy through our custom designed, environmentally controlled, data center with redundant servers and power sources. Cloud communications has never been so simple and easy!

We Get the Process.

I wish I could tell you that the E-Rate process is simple and easy. It is not. But the benefits can be wonderful regarding internet and telecommunications technology for US schools and libraries. Discounts, once approved, can be anywhere from 20-90 percent! Definitely worth the effort. Below is a simplified overview of the process.

E-Rate Process and Hosted Phone Services | Crexendo infographic


    Develop a Technology Plan: While not required for Priority 1 services it is needed for Priority 2.

    Procurement of Services: Based on the technology plan you will need to file a Form 470 – July through January. Once posted a 28 day period begins to review bids and proposals, select a provider, and sign up.

    Apply to Get Funded: Now it’s time to submit the Form 471 – January through mid-March – to show which service provider was selected.

    Review of Your Application: A review is then done on your submission and upon approval a Funding Commitment Decision Letter (FCDL) is offered.

    Receive Your Services: You now submit the Form 486 – July 1 or within 120 days after receiving the funding commitment letter.

    Getting Your Discounts: There are two ways of realizing the benefit of the E-rate program. 1.) Receive discounted billing from the approved service provider. 2.) Pay the service provider in full and then apply for reimbursement.

Schools and Libraries Division (SLD)
Universal Service Administration Company (USAC)
E-Rate forms can be downloaded at:

Our Commitment.

With our CEO and Crexendo’s commitment to education it just makes sense to partner with us for your technology and Internet needs. If your school and/or library needs an upgrade you really should take a moment and give Crexendo a ring at (602) 714-8500 to find out more about its education offering. I promise it will be worth it.

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