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Shy at Work? 4 Ways to Make Speaking Up Easier

Let’s face it, whether it’s because you’re a perfectionist and have to have all the details about something in order to feel comfortable chiming in or you’re just shy, at one point or we fail to speak up when we really should.  Whatever the reason may be its something that happens to everyone.  Having a fear of speaking up used to be something that happened to me a lot but then I found myself regretting not speaking up and becoming  part of important conversations.  Here are 4 tips on ways to speak up in the work place.

1.    Step aside and give yourself little pep talks

Never over think or under estimate how good your ideas or thoughts are.  A main thing that I continually tell myself even today when I am feeling a little nervous is that others believe that I deserve to be where I am today and so should I.  Remember, you have lots of ideas so don’t hold them back.

2.    Contribute to discussions

I always find that the more I contribute to discussions and meetings the more I get out of them and the less self-doubt I have when I walk away from them.  Discussions are discussions for a reason they are there for people to engage in them and learn as well.  So go ahead, speak up and make your presence known because remember you are there for a reason.

3.    Prepare in advance

Have some ideas about what you want to say ahead of time.  When you feel prepared you will have more confidence and speaking up will be easier.

4.    Ask Questions

By asking others to elaborate, you’ll automatically feel more engaged as well as becoming an active participant in the discussion at hand.

When it comes down to it never be afraid to showcase your strengths and speak up.  Even if you are afraid will cause conflict, remember that even disagreements spark creativity and problem solving which in turn comes out to be a productive thing.  So be strong and speak up.

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Lisa Gillies

I am a marketing assistant for Crexendo. I love to live life and throw in a creative splash to everything while I am at it. I love my life and I love my job.

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