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The Top 5 Reasons SIP is the Way to Go

In technology, SIP is an acronym which stands for Session Initiation Protocol. SIP is not mutually exclusive to use with hosted Cloud telephone service, as it is in use by other multimedia technologies including: online games, video, and other services.

What does SIP do?
SIP is a signaling protocol which empowers users by allowing them to take their communication settings into their own hands. Unlike traditional signaling protocols which are rigid and cannot be controlled or modified by the user, SIP offers an expanded list of features which users can modify to meet their specific needs.

5 Outstanding SIP Functions:

SIP function 1: Feature negotiation
How this works: When the participants on any given call do not have the same technological capabilities, SIP allows the group to negotiate for the features. For example, if a call is conducted via a video conference but not everyone on the call has the ability to see video, SIP allows those without the ability to see video to still listen in on the call despite being excluded from the video portion of the call.

SIP function 2: Media negotiation
How this works: This function allows for the negotiation of the media used in a call. One especially useful example of this is the ability to select the appropriate codec for optimal call quality between multiple devices.

SIP function 3: Call feature changes
How this works: Thanks to this feature SIP enables call participants to freely alternate between features during a call without dropping the call. This is especially useful for conference calling where different features (video, voice, etcetera) might be needed throughout a call.

SIP function 4: Name Translation and User Location
How this works: SIP allows location to a name so that a user can be reached at any location. This means that regardless of where a user chooses to plug in a SIP supportive device, the device can be reached all the same.

SIP function 5: Call participant management
How this works: The amount of call participants can be increased and/or decreased during a call without interrupting those wishing to stay on the call.

We want to hear from you! How has using a SIP device helped your business’ telephony needs? Do you have any specific examples? Share them with us in the comments section below!

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