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The Top 5 Reasons Your Business Absolutely Needs CrexMo for iPad

Now that the internet is available practically everywhere, business people all over the world are finding themselves liberated to work anywhere and everywhere necessary in order to increase their productivity. With that in mind, countless apps are being created by developers everywhere, each seeking to feed the needs of traveling business people, each claiming to be better than the last at helping users increase the work productivity of every hour of every day, and all fighting for your attention.

It takes just a few minutes of fiddling around with any productivity app to realize that not all apps are created equal. Just like in anything else, some apps are more worthy than others. The trick to keeping yourself afloat in the sea of apps is knowing what makes an app important for you, the business person. This article reviews the top 5 reasons to download the CrexMo app for your iPad or other tablet device.

Reason 1: Crexendo Mobile (CrexMo) helps you stay connected
What this means for you: Unlike other telecom apps out there, CrexMo gives you the option to both answer and make calls using your business’ phone number. This means that calls that you make using your CrexMo connected iPad (or other mobile device) will appear exactly the same as if you were making the call from your home office.

Reason 2: Adding CrexMo to your iPad helps make your iPad (or other tablet) into an excellent backup to your smartphone
What this means for you: Considering the importance of having access to all of your phone calls at all times, why would you put all of your hope on a single mobile device? Instead of potentially stranding yourself without your business contacts while on a business trip somewhere across the state, country, or even the world, download CrexMo and empower yourself to make calls on as many of your mobile devices as necessary.

Reason 3: CrexMo helps you take control of your long-distance charges anywhere you go
What this means for you: Traditionally, one of the downsides to always doing business on-the-go has been that you couldn’t help but accumulate long-distance phone charges. However, CrexMo users are not surprised by the long list of long-distance phone charges on their monthly billing statement. Why? Because there aren’t any! That’s right, calls made using the CrexMo app to the US and Canada are included at no extra charge. Plus, calls to other countries can be made at minimal costs.

CrexMo on a smartphone

Crexendo Mobile (CrexMo) on a smartphone

Reason 4: The CrexMo app helps you keep your private life… private
What this means for you: A common practice in business is to disclose two phone numbers—one for use during contact hours and another for when you’re out of the office. Sadly though, for many this means that they are either forced to give out their personal number at the risk of losing some of their privacy or even purchasing another mobile phone altogether to keep their work life from impeding on their personal life.

The CrexMo app helps you keep the two halves of your life (job-related and personal) separate by continuously running in the background on your iPad or other tablet device whenever you wish it to, so that you can receive your business’ calls wherever and whenever you choose.

Reason 5: CrexMo is available for the unbelievably low price of $1.99/month with your Crexendo agreement
What this means for you: Access to a world-class product at an affordable price. What more incentive do you need to try this app?

Are you already a CrexMo fan? Let us know in the comments section below!

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